Fast Forward... The planning is over and your Wedding day is finally here. Get ready for plenty of photos, smiling and socialising...

And relax knowing Christopher will be creating laughter, amazement and getting everyone into a celebratory mood. There are many people to keep entertained at your wedding including friends, work colleagues, aunties, uncles, parents, grandparents and teenagers


and it can be difficult to get everyone mixing and socialising together. Christopher is skilled at breaking down these barriers and bringing your guests together in magic, laughter and conversation. He is like social glue, holding your day together, creating amazing experiences amongst your guests, and ultimately leaving behind very personal and timeless Wedding day memories!

Weddings are beautiful places to work. Being such special occasions, I strive to make each wedding unique. I guarantee to leave guests with very personal and astonishing reminders of your day. I will leave them feeling the entertainment was created just for them!
— Christopher Hurst - Mind Reading Magician


Christopher is available for a limited number of performances each month





At your Wedding Christopher walks around involving guests directly with the entertainment. 

But don't worry, Christopher's approach is polite, friendly and relaxed, which quickly puts guests at ease. This close-up approach makes the entertainment 'undisruptive' so everyone else can continue to socialise as Christopher slowly works the room. Because it happens up close, the entertainment has a personal feel and guests will swear the magic was created just for them. This leaves them with one-off memories of your day. At the end of Christopher's performance everyone has had chance to enjoy the magic. It really is quite unlike any other form of entertainment!

Christopher's skills go beyond entertainment. His presence helps your day flow smoothly in many ways including:

  • Bridging any gaps in your day
  • Making the 'slow parts' of our day invisible
  • Breaking the ice & creating fascinating talking points
  • Setting a fun and astonishing mood 
  • Capturing expressions of astonishment, perfect for the wedding album
  • Providing an engaging extension of your hospitality
  • Plus Christopher makes a valuable safety chord should any unexpected delays or other unwelcome situations arise!

I've been fortunate to entertain thousands of happy Bride & Grooms over the past several years, and experience has shown two key times work best: 


Early part of the day..

1. During drinks reception & photographs - Magic helps make friends, and fill in for missing B&G's!

  • It's the early part of the day so everyone is lively and fresh. The entertainment is very well received and embraced by everyone
  • The Bride & Groom are the centre of attention, but away from their guests for over an hour. Christopher is on hand to look after guests during photos and keep them entertained during  the Bride & Groom's absence
  • Because the social aspect of your day has only just started, many people won't know each other. Christopher identifies groups who are not engaging one another and brings them together in magic and conversation. This of course gives them a fascinating talking point once Christopher leaves the group.


Or after the meal..

2. After the speeches & Wedding breakfast - Magic helps fill natural lulls and welcomes evening guest arriving early!

  • Guests will be asked to leave the main room so staff can prepare for your evening event and it's here the celebrations can begin to break down. Time seems to go slow and everyone is left hanging around waiting for the evening celebrations to being. Christopher is on hand to entertain guests and keep the conversations going. Plus he will help tie the daytime and evening celebrations together. It's all about making your day flow seamlessly together!
  • Some people on your evening guest list may arrive earlier than expected. Christopher is the perfect extension of your hospitality and will make them feel a big part of your celebrations, and keep them and everyone else occupied before the music and dancing begins.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are just a guide. Christopher does not require any special set-up or performing area, so his Mind Reading Experience can easily fit any part of your day.

Ultimately, I just want you to have the best Wedding possible, and sincerely believe my Mind Reading Magic can make that happen. I consider myself blessed doing something I love for a job, and promise to deliver for you an awesome and unique wedding experience!

Amaze  >  Delight  >  Impress

"I'm keen to chat about your event and I can offer up years of experience and insight..."

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