Christopher Hurst  *Mind Reading Magic*

Astonishing Entertainment

around Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria & Cheshire

Welcome to a NEW kind of entertainment!


— Yvette Ellis (Corporate Dinner)
— Samantha & Ben Ball (Bride & Groom)
— Rick Neild (Family Event)


In demand and always on the move...

Christopher entertains at WEDDINGS, PARTIES & CORPORATE events in Lancashire, Manchester and across the UK.

He is similar to a magician, but unlike anything else out there. Instead of people picking and shuffling playing cards, Christopher works with peoples thoughts and imagination. He's a magician of the mind - A Mind Reader!

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This is not simple card tricks, or gazing into crystal balls.

It's jaw-dropping, cutting edge entertainment for a 21st Century crowd!



Why Mind Reading Magic At Your Event?

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"Together we can make your event unique & unforgettable!"



Meet Christopher...

I'm Christopher Hurst, Magical Mind reader who just loves to entertain

At your event I'm busy making sure everyone, including friends, colleagues, V.I.P's (plus those hard-to-please guests) are having a wonderful time.

My act is designed for a modern crowd, allowing guests of all ages to enjoy the magic with wide-eyed wonder. 

I even convince moody teenagers to hand me their mobile phone (a miracle right there) and proceed to do something amazing and totally unexpected with it!

But here's the best part. With my entertainment onboard your efforts are rewarded. Guests will THANK YOU for being the most BRILLIANT and INSPIRED host ever... How's that for win/win!



What Does He Do?

Christopher blends magic and mind tricks to create the illusion of seeing the future (in real-time), bending coins, revealing someones PIN code, guessing imaginary words or objects, touching someones hand and their partner feeling it across the room!! plus lots more astonishing experiences!

Imagine...TWO people are asked to secretly DRAW ANYTHING that pops into their heads (Christopher is blindfolded). Yet he will accurately describe both drawings in fine detail.

Because this is not typical 'sleight-of-hand magic' it has a very personal and intimate feel, making the magic so much more interesting and memorable as a result.


Christopher is available for a limited

number of events per month



Quality + Excellence Guaranteed!

Christopher has over 15 years experience and has gained the reputation as one the busiest and best close-up entertainers working today...

Making sure your event runs smoothly is my specialty and I’m here to offer any help or advice you might need. My entertainment comes with unrivalled customer service to ensure everything goes according to plan. On the day I mingle amongst guests creating an exciting buzz around the room. I will make each and every guest feel special and they will swear the entertainment was created just for them!
— Christopher Hurst - Mind Reading (2017)



Lancashire & Manchester Wedding/Party/Corporate Magician Christopher Hurst is available UK wide & overseas