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How much does it cost?

Christopher would love to work with you, and understands you have a budget to keep. He's put together a variety of packages. However the cost depends on three things..

1. Where is the venue?

2. When will it happen?  (Daytime? Weekend? Summer? Christmas?)

3. Duration. How long will the entertainment last? 


Submit your details below and Christopher will arrange a quote based on your venue address, date and duration of performance. 

Please note: Christopher can put together a price package to suit your entertainment needs and more importantly your budget.

For walk around / strolling entertainment Christopher offers three main packages

1hrs Mind Reading Magic 'an interactive experience'

2hrs Mind Reading Magic 'an interactive experience'

3hrs Mind Reading Magic 'an interactive experience'

For Stand-up / Keynote / Stage choose from these options

25mins 'Extraordinary Matters

45mins 'The Blue Lemon Experiment'

1hr 30mins 'YOUR Real Superpowers.. NO REALLY!'


NEW.. 'Enter the ABYSS (leave your pre-conceptions at the door!)'

Bespoke experiences, tailored to small, individual groups. Here we section off a small room or area and invite individual groups to enter the Abyss! They will come out the other side with a new life experience, guaranteed. It's psychic flavoured, but with zero spiritual or otherworldly goings on. Just a purely fun-filled, personal adventure!


Don't leave your event to chance! A professional entertainer brings many benefits such as: 

  • Highly polished act spent years being developed.
  • Audience management skills, crucial when dealing with a full spectrum of personalities types across live events.
  • Ready for any unexpected or unwelcome situations that may arise, but will make sure the situation remains 'invisible'
  • Public liability for you, your venue and your guests peace of mind.
  • Dependable and reliable, including a stand in performer available should any emergency arise.
  • Professional and swift communications, backed up by client testimonials.
  • Contracts, invoices and receipts will be issued, providing you assurance and piece of mind.

Christopher would love to help make your event remarkable. Please get in touch today and see how!

Your enquiry is much appreciated and Christopher is delighted to answer all your questions.

Please note: For an accurate reply, try to include as much information as possible.

Christopher usually replies soon, often within 30mins (but please allow 48hrs in some instances)

t: 07542 390 829  /  e: