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Choose something different for your party. Choose fun, excitement and astonishment. Choose Christopher Hurst's Marvelous Mind Reading Experience...!

You want to enjoy your party knowing guests will be looked after and 100% entertained. Christopher Hurst makes a unmissable party guest and will dazzle and delight everyone. At your party Christopher will share many wonderful demonstrations of magic and mind reading. It's a fascinating social experience unlike anything else out there!

Guest will marvel as they're able to bend coins, share amazing and improbable coincidences, stop time, see into the future and feel touches on their shoulder even though no one was near them, plus many other astonishing happenings!





Parties are the perfect opportunity for my mind reading experience. From small intimate house parties, or a celebration at a local restaurant, plus special birthday celebration or anniversaries. I simply want everyone to feeling amazing at your party. I promise to leave guests with a fascinating and timeless experience, and make your party the one everybody talks about!
— Christopher Hurst *Mind Reader

Fun times at Ribby Hall, Preston in Lancashire

At your party Christopher walks around involving guests up-close and direct with the mind reading... 

"Christopher creates unique experiences amongst friends and strangers. He is like social glue, bonding people together with fun, laughter and impossible moments they will never forget!"

But don't worry, Christopher's approach is polite, friendly and relaxed, which quickly puts guests at ease. This close-up approach makes the entertainment 'undisruptive' so everyone else can continue to socialise as Christopher slowly works the room. Because it happens up close, the entertainment has a personal feel and guests will swear the magic was created just for them. This leaves them with one-off memories of your party. At the end of Christopher's performance everyone has had chance to enjoy the magic. It really is quite unlike any other form of entertainment!





Revealing a strangers thoughts at a private party in Cheshire

It's much more than just entertainment. It's about making your party run smoothly and seamlessly!

Christopher's skills will help your party in many ways including:

  • Breaking the ice amongst guests and creating interesting and fascinating talking points

  • Setting a fun and astonishing mood which will run throughout your event

  • Eliminating slow or 'down times' which may occur

  • Creating priceless expressions of pure astonishment

  • Provides an engaging extension of your hospitality (it can be difficult for the host to engage with every single guest)

  • Plus Christopher makes a valuable safety chord should any unexpected or unwelcome situations arise!

Group mind reading at a Wedding at Ribby Hall, Preston 

A delighted Wedding guests at Ribby Hall, Preston

Amaze  >  Delight  >  Impress

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