With Mind Reading Magic as popular as ever Christopher adds a touch of modern day wonder to your event!

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Relax and enjoy your company event...

...Safe in the knowledge important clients are being entertained and engaged. Christopher is the perfect addition to proceedings and will dazzle and delight your guests. His gift is sharing his amazing abilities with people and generally making them feel fantastic! It's a wonderful experience unlike anything else out there.


Clients will marvel as they're able to bend coins, share amazing and improbable coincidences, stop time, see into the future and feel touches on their shoulder even though no one was near them. Plus many other astonishing happenings! It's the perfect ice-breaker, creating fascinating talking points and of course generating a great buzz around the room.

Maserati Corporate Entertainment
Boots Corporate Entertainment
BMW Corporate Entertainment

Portfolio of Corporate Clients


With 15 years experience, Christopher has been lucky to have worked with many event planners over the years, from small family business's too large multi-national corporations. It's a great privilege to play a key part in a company event. 

Plus Christopher was hand picked to entertain the (late) Duke of Westminster at his Cheshire estate.

Here are just some brands that have trusted in Christopher with their corporate entertainment.

Bacardi Corporate Entertainment
RBS Corporate Entertainment
Duke of Lancaster Corporate Entertainment

Christopher's entertainment is a great compliment across many corporate situations, including:

  • Awards night - Add that exciting and memorable edge to proceedings
  • Seminars & Meetings - Brings light relief in a cerebral and fun approach, with your key company elements incorporated into the presentation  
  • Motivational & Learning -The experience is both entertaining, inspiring and totally different
  • Sales & Promotional events - Delivering company branded presentations & USP's for maximum impact!
  • Luncheons - A perfect addition to help relax and reset delegates
  • Trade Shows - Natural crowd-builder which minimises lost leads by keeping attendees occupied at your booth until your sales team are free to engage. Plus for maximum impact your USP or company message is incorporated into Christopher's engaging presentations
 Christopher Hurst - Corporate Magician at Cloud 23, Manchester

Christopher Hurst - Corporate Magician at Cloud 23, Manchester

To better learn how Christopher can help your business presentation or company event, please call 07542 390829 or email chrisleshurst@gmail.com today

Company events are a great chance to showcase your product or services. My job is to generate a fascinating vibe across your event and act like social glue, bringing people together in amazing experiences and interesting conversations. My Mind Reading Experience is guaranteed to make your event one everybody remembers!
— Christopher Hurst (Mind Reader)

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