"Magic is my life and something I'm passionate about. For me, the joy is taking it out there and sharing with others"

And I love it!

The man behind the magic (and where my passion began!)

Me and my wife at a glacier in New Zealand


Typically, most boys I know are given a magic set at some point and will spend time learning a few secrets. This also happened to me, and wow did it make an impression! That gift sparked a life-long love affair with all things magic, and this love affair only deepened with time. Life is precious, and brings with it all sorts of joys and its fair share of tragedies. Yet the one constant, the one rock throughout my life has been magic. It has surrounded me and has always been there strengthening me (along with my loving and supportive wife of course!)


As I've grown my magic has taken a new and interesting direction. I no longer perform typical 'sleight-of-hand' magic. Instead I focus on 'magic of the mind' which brings a psychic flavor to my act. I'm not psychic of course. But the experience can feel quite 'real' and seems to elevate the experience beyond 'just tricks' in the eye of my audience. It's a great way to connect with my audience and at the end we've all shared something more personal and intimate. For me it makes performing so much more satisfying. I don't just want to 'fool people' but instead leave them with an emotionally charged experience they will remember.


Other hobbies & interests

When I'm not performing magic I love to photograph places, landscapes and the people I meet (below are some photos I've taken, but sadly not the starry one!) In some ways magic and photography share a common purpose. They both freeze a beautiful moment in time (in a visual, and a memorable way). Another thing I enjoy is losing myself in nature and the great outdoors. I can think of nothing more awe-inspiring than walking through a nature filled forest, or lying underneath an inky black sky with the milky way arching high above like a glistening array of tiny jewels. It makes you feel so insignificant, yet so very special and unique all at the same time. Talk about real magic!

Starry, starry night!


Below are some of my personal photographs along with places I've visited both near and far!




Also music and movies are close to my heart and I'm particularly fond of listening to Elvis Presley. In fact it's been suggested I should turn up to my events as a magical, singing Elvis, complete with gold framed glasses, white jumpsuit and jeweled cape.. Imagine that! (I would love to, but sadly I can't sing in tune to save my life!) 

Magical, singing Elvis anyone?



Thailand is such a beautiful country

Rows of Buddas in Thailand 




I have been very lucky, and accompanied by my wife we have travelled quite a bit to wonderful places such as New Zealand, Thailand, America, and other far away places. In fact we are always planning a new adventure somewhere. But one thing is a given. Wherever I am and whoever I am with, I'm always looking forward to sharing a new magical experience. After all, it's the memories we experience and the people we experience them with that ultimately define us.


I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the Dalai Lama, who shares this nugget of clarity..

"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday, and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live"


Thank you for reading and for visiting my website.

Maybe one day we will meet, and get the chance to share an awesome moment too!

Chris Hurst - 2017